Templates Creation


Startinx XI - In Stadium graphics


I worked with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC design team to ellaborate a look for the 2019 MLS season, I then dig into After Effects to make a template where the number, name and position of the player can be updated in seconds, without ever breaking the design.

Essential Graphics.jpg

On top of this I used Essential Graphics in After Effects to make these templates editable straight in Adobe Premiere, so my colleagues could make updates directly.

In addition to the starting eleven players, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC honour a Kid Captain at every home match.

With 34 matches a season and 28 players you better be organized when making motion graphics for a sports team.

Next Home Match - Social Media


For every home and away matches, the club announces the opponant, date and time of the match on all their social media. These videos are rendered in 16x9, 1x1, 9x16 and 1x1.25 aspect ratio.