School of Motion

Animation Bootcamp


I attended the Animation Bootcamp class by Joey Korenman and the great folks at School of Motion.  Animation Bootcamp is a 6 weeks intensive online class that teaches step by step the basic principles of animation. 

Getting feedback from the teaching assistants and your fellow classmates and being exposed to their work was the best. And even though I finished this class a while back I'm still part of that awesome community.

Below is my progression throughout the 6 weeks of the bootcamp. What you see is every assignment I handed in.



Get familiar with the Bootcamp system, learn how to post work, and dive right in with an Evaluation exercise designed to let us see where you are starting from.

Week 1

Get rid of bad habits, make friend with Timing & Spacing, get your hands dirty with some old-fashioned cel animation, then meet the Value Graph.


Week 2

By the end of this week you will finally have complete control of BOTH graph editors, and you’ll know what the heck a proper Anticipation and Overshoot look like.


Week 3

This week we tackle Bounces and Follow-Through. These are a bit more technical, and getting the hang of these types of movement give you a TON of control over your animation.


Week 4

Squash and Stretch come into play, and we dive into the concept of Secondary Animation. You’ll also be revisiting your Evaluation exercise to see how far you’ve come,


Week 5

What do you do when you have to coordinate many things moving at once? This week gets more advanced as we cover Reinforcing Movement and Eye Trace.