Stunt PERformer / Martial Artist

In 2009 I started training with the swiss stunt team Stunts & Costumes (who later became Extreme Factory).

I had the chance to take part of several feature films, series, shorts, plays and operas. Here is some of my journey.


Swiss Armed Forces

In 2011, I served in the Swiss Armed Forces in the mechanized infantry known as "Panzer Grenadier" and got to train with a variety of weapon (SIG SG 550, M249, Handgrenade and anti tank weapons). I trained close quarters combat and worked with the support of tanks. Beside the tactical training, I learn a lot about myself and about collaboration with my peers.

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

I have been practicing HEMA since 2009. It is a martial art based on the study of historical sources from the european fighting traditions. From the Roman gladiators to the Napoleon's hussards   

I’ve been training since 2009, and competitive since 2013.

Stunt experiences


Unusual Vacation

Sweet girls


Left Foot Right Foot

LOL :-)

The Execution

Working Day

Lenzburg castle



Roméo & Juliette

Combats et Duels


Feature Film

Feature Film

Feature Film

TV Series



Museum Films

Theatre Play



Stunt Show

Dir. Simon Wannaz

Dir. Jean-Paul Cardinaux

Dir. Olivier Béguin

Dir. Germinal Roaux

Prod. Denis Savard

Dir. Daven Corburn

Dir. Vivian Demaurex

Dir. Ivan Engler

Dir. Claude Feole

Dir. Adriano Sinivia

Dir. Arnaud Bernard

Dir. Jan Fantys

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Performer

Utility Stunts

Stunt double for Réal Bossé

Gun Wrangler

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Performer

Stunt Performer

Stunt Performer

Stunt Performer

Stunt Performer